Revamp — First Blog Post

Hi friends!

This is my first post since redesigning this website!  Nothing fancy — just a simple, clean layout — and a new commitment to posting on a regular basis!

What’s new?  We moved to the Orlando area about two months ago and LOVE IT!  We were very blessed to allow me the opportunity to get out of the corporate world and spend my time at home raising Ella — a dream come true!  The past two months have been INSANE!  From moving to settling in, to hosting a 50th birthday dinner for my mom, to embarking on a new fitness journey, to Halloween, to Ella’s 2nd Birthday — time has flown by!  I’m very excited to have the time to devote to my family, our home, and to writing now that I’m not consumed with my 9 to 5.

So, let’s get started!

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