Ella’s FROZEN 2nd Birthday

Last Sunday, we were super excited to celebrate our special little girl’s 2nd birthday — and as many 2 year old little girls would wish, we celebrated in a very FROZEN fashion!

Food/Dessert table for Ella’s FROZEN 2nd Birthday Party!

This year, we decided to host the party at our new home.  We had the space, a backyard — a much needed change from our tiny home in Jacksonville.  Hosting at our home was great — as there wasn’t a need for transport, and I was able to plan ahead and set up the party in advance.

We had clever sign on our front door to welcome guests.  After they entered, we had a table with a sign/color picture for Ella and party hats/tiaras.

For activities, we had a ball pit for the kids, a “Marshmallow Knockout” game, cornhole for kids and for adults, a “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” station (where kids can play in fake snow), and a photo booth! The photo booth was a huge hit, and everyone enjoyed taking photos and uploading to their social media accounts. Even Ella got in on the fun!

The food/dessert table was a lot of fun!  For the backdrop, I took three plastic tablecloths purchased from the dollar store, pinned them together, and cut strips in them to make a streamer-like effect (same for the photo booth). I also hand cut and strung the pennant bunting to flow with the color scheme.

Each food item had it’s own tented food sign.  The foods we featured are: Rock Candy sticks, mixed sandwiches, Yoohoo drinks, a meat and cheese platter, Hershey hugs, blue and white sixlets, a veggie platter, chocolate covered cake truffles, pretzels, cupcakes, ombre rice krispie treats, and cheetos.  The cake truffles, cupcakes, and rice krispies were all handmade.  The ombre rice krispies were interesting — perhaps I shall write a tutorial on that soon? 🙂

I wanted the cake to be simple — sure, I could’ve gone crazy with the theme, but I really wanted to stay simple, sweet, and classy. The cake was vanilla with whipped topping, which made it easier to do the swooped top.  We also sprinkled edible glitter flakes on top to make it look like snow, but unfortunately the photos didn’t pick it up. I also handout the bunting to match the one above the table. Big shoutout to my mom who helped with the decorating of the cake and cupcakes!

The party was a huge success.  I originally intended this party to be a bit more low-key than last year’s, but I actually think I did more this year.  Again, totally worth it. 🙂  Now.. to start planning year 3!

Three Musketeers! Happy Birthday, Ella Grey!


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