The Countdown to 29


In less than 2 weeks, I will be 29.

In less than 2 weeks, I will be one year away from being 30.

30. Why is this such a scary age for people? What is it about 30 that makes us afraid, and in some cases, act irrationally, cry uncontrollably, and fear that we haven’t achieved all we were “supposed” to by this aged “deadline” — which is really just garbage we made up anyway?

30 does NOT mean we are dried up, shriveled old ladies, who need to be put away in a home for the elderly.  30 does NOT mean our lives are over, and it’s all downhill from here. 30 should NOT be a death sentence, but rather, an opportunity! Let’s take all the lessons from our twenties and put them to good use.  Let’s look back on the struggles and heartbreak with a smile, because honestly, the best is still yet to come.

I’m looking forward to 30.  But first, really, I’m looking forward to 29.

I recently enjoyed a visit with one of my best friends, who, I might add, is a month older than I am, about this upcoming “milestone.”  He seems apprehensive about turning 30, and thus wants to enjoy his 29th year doing things that “only make sense to do in your twenties,” not wanting to be the “creepy old guy that pretends he’s still a teenager.” While I personally feel age is just a number and what really matters is how you FEEL, this struck me as very interesting.

Are there certain activities or “things” that we can’t doing past a certain age, for fear society may look at us as “the creepy guy” who is trying too hard, or acting too young? And, what’s so bad about staying youthful anyway?  I mean, here we are in our late twenties, and coloring books are all the rage for the holiday season. I’m almost 30, but I could whip you in a battle of Super Mario.  And, yesterday — yeah, I played on the playground with my little girl. Slid down the slide, climbed on the jungle gym. So what?

More interestingly to me, however, is the idea of using your 29th year as a platform to do amazing things. Sure, we can (and do) amazing things all the time, and at any year, but I’m thinking of it almost like a bucket list.  A sort of “30 things to do before you are 30″/”29 awesome ideas for year 29” adventure.  It’s actually not a bad idea to consider for every year — a “new years resolution” but birthday to birthday, rather than waiting until January 1st.

I’m going to spend the next two weeks pondering my own list.  What are some goals, dreams, or tasks that I want to accomplish in this next year of my life? What are yours?


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