DIY Wednesday: Frosted Valentine Cookies [Toddler Edition]


Happy Valentine’s Week, everyone!

For today’s DIY Wednesday, I decided to be “brave momma” and make oh-so-messy frosted sugar cookies with Ella.

Those that know me know I don’t really like “messy” things — but I feel becoming a mom has been the best thing to teach me patience, understanding, and to accept life for the amazing journey it is, instead of constantly striving for “perfection,” which doesn’t really exist anyway.  I feel as if I have spent so many of my years striving for”perfection” — and what I’ve come to realize, as Voltaire said, “Don’t let perfect be the enemy of the good.”  If we keep these high standards of perfection, and don’t stop doing something until it is “perfect,” or worse — don’t try something new for fear of not being good enough — we won’t complete anything, we won’t experience new adventures, and we may miss out on beautiful memories. A little deep and kinda heavy for a cookie baking day, but you get the idea. 🙂

So today, we got messy!

I sorta cheated and bought packaged cookie dough (oh no! ;)) from the grocery store.  I told Ella we were going to make cookies, and I swear she lit up like a ray of sunshine, just repeating “Cookie, cookie” over and over again.

We rolled the dough out, I taught her that sometimes you have to use a tiny bit of flour to keep it from sticking, and she pat it down with her hands.  Then, she used these little cookie cutters to cut out our cookie shapes.

Afterward, I let her put sprinkles on a few of the small hearts to show her a preview of what we would do once they were baked and cooled.

She must have sat in front of the oven for about 5 minutes watching the cookies bake — which in toddler world, is FOREVER.  She would look up at me with questioning eyes and say, “All done?” “All done?”  Soon, baby.  Soon.

Once the cookies were done, I let them cool for almost an hour before showing Ella that they were out of the oven.  I knew I wanted her to eat lunch first, and if I showed her a cookie, lunch would be out of the question. So, after we ate lunch, We sat on the counter and watched as Momma frosted each cookie, and Ella sprinkled cute heart shaped sprinkles on each one.


She loved this — it was an absolute blast.

I had a smaller heart cookie that I iced and let her decorate, and told her that this one was extra special because it was for her to eat.  “Eat?” She said with smiling eyes.

And, EAT SHE DID!  With each bite she would make “Mmm” sounds and try to say “It’s good!” with her mouth full.



She’s the greatest thing. And, I think she’s quite the decorator!  Future Masterchef Junior?  We’ll see!  The cookies came out really cute, and tasty, too!



Life is messy, friends.  A hot, sticky, slobbery, half eaten mess. But you know, it’s okay. If it weren’t, it wouldn’t be as beautiful.  And, I wouldn’t have it any other way.






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