Lessons in Real Life

Today is beautiful.

Beautiful weather, open windows and a breeze through the house.  We started the morning with pancakes, then Daddy let Momma get another hour and a half of sleep [best Valentine’s Day Eve gift ever!]. We went for our morning walk, listened to our daily podcast, and before lunchtime, Ella and I made cookies again.

She was SO excited to make cookies — she kept saying “I love cookies! I love cookies!” Even though when I first opened up the dough and she managed to grab a pinch of dough and put it in her mouth — she’s quick, man! — we had a great time cutting out cookies again as a Valentine’s Day Eve activity!  I even posted a cute pic on Instagram showing our efforts — feeling all proud and Pinterest-y — total #momwin today!


Cookies in the oven, Ella was quietly playing, I was enjoying a cup of hot tea, listening to some music…

…Then, Ella came to me to tell me she went “stinky.” And good god, did she ever.. TMI, but it’s true, and I try to be real with y’all. Ever have those moments where you really try to reason with someone when you know they don’t quite understand?  That was me during this diaper change.

Me: “Ella, Stinky girl!  You know, this wouldn’t be as stinky or uncomfortable if you would just go stinky on the big girl potty..”

Ella: “STINKY!”

Me: “Yes, STINKY!! When do you want to try to do this on the big girl potty?  It’s SO much better when you stinky on the potty than in your pants!”

Ella: “STINKY!”

Yeah, she totally gets it.

When we finished cleaning up, we walked out of her room and I smelled something different… A “stinky” unlike the “stinky” I was just cleaning up.

Crap. The cookies. 



And all I could do is laugh.

My point is, even though we burned the cookies today, it’s still a beautiful day. Not everything in life is sunshine, rainbows, sweet smells, and perfectly baked cookies. It’s how we react in the moments where it isn’t that truly matters. Because, you know, they may be burned this time, but the process was what was most enjoyed.. Something I’m still learning to acknowledge everyday. Thank you for the reminder! 🙂

I hope this brings a smile today, and hope everyone is having an amazingly beautiful weekend!




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