Body Back: Week One Recap!

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So, last post I talked about how joining my local Stroller Strides group has totally saved my sanity (read: here).  100% true, and I’m so thankful for this group!  Another really cool aspect that I didn’t cover in that post is the fact that Fit4Mom has several other amazing classes you can choose from to stay active.  One of those classes is called Body Back, an 8 week program that helps moms get their “body back” — whether their baby is a newborn or 20+ years old!

I was extremely interested in this class, and was lucky enough to have a free preview class before registering.  Holy intense workout! I knew after that preview class that this was exactly what I wanted to try for the next 8 weeks — 2 HIIT workouts a week, social media connectivity with other members of the group, and meal planning/journalling accountability.  As an additional source of accountability, I thought I’d blog once a week about the week prior, for those that are interested in reading about my journey.  No hold-backs — I will be incredibly honest about myself, my eating, and my workouts in these recap posts each week.  In order for my success, this is super important! 🙂


Week one! Hooray!

Classes are held every Monday and Wednesday morning at 5:45AM (earrrrlllyyyy… but worth it!).  I managed to catch a terrible stomach bug on the first Monday class (see post here), so my first ACTUAL class was on Wednesday of last week.  The first class is an “Assessment Class” — meaning, it’s the class where we set the foundation.  Where do you begin.. where can we set goals from, so ideally, in 8 weeks, you can CRUSH them!

We started the assessment off with a few fitness “tests.”  Like, how many push-ups can you do in 1 minute? Squats? Bicep Curls? Sit-ups?  How long can you hold a plank? Side-Bridge? Wall-sit?

I felt pretty confident about my push-ups and squats — these are a daily exercise for me. Plank should be okay too, I knew I could at least hold for a minute and a half.  The others had me a bit nervous.

So, in all transparency, here’s where I stand:

  • How many in 1 Minute?
    • Bicep Curls: 42
    • Push-ups: 28 (full push-ups, not assisted or on knees)
    • Sit-ups: 17 (full sit-ups, not assisted)
    • Squats: 39 (booty to the ground)
  • How long can you hold?
    • Plank: 2 minutes
    • Side Bridge: Left – 1 minute  Right – 45 seconds
    • Wall sit: 1 min. 34 seconds

Holy crap — I could definitely see what areas need the most work!  Then, we had to run a mile.  Now, I’m a runner — but my stride hasn’t been the same since having Ella.  Since we moved here, I’ve been training on time intervals with my running — trying to get my stride up to running without stopping for a walk break for 45 minutes straight. I recently completed c25k and ran my first 5k since moving to Orlando, and I was pretty happy with breaking a 32 minute 5k time — averaging at a little 10 min mile.  But, I haven’t been working on speed, like I used to.  So, the mile — I was nervous. But, I managed to run it in 9:41 min/mile. I was happy with that. 🙂

Afterward, we took measurements.

  • Chest: 35″
  • Waist (at the belly button): 33.5″
  • Hips (widest part of the booty): 40.5″ (Momma’s got back, what can I say?)
  • Thighs (widest part): Left – 25.5″  Right – 25″
  • Arms (widest part of bicep): Left – 11.5″  Right – 11.5″

Then, it was time for the weigh-in.

After coming off of a weekend stomach fiasco, I thought my first weigh-in would be okay, considering I hadn’t been eating too much (or rather, keeping too much down).  So, with a deep breath, I stepped on the scale.



Lately, I’ve been hovering around 148-152, depending on the day.  Now, of course, I’m not happy with the number — but this isn’t a post seeking sympathy or annoyance around what some silly SCALE says.  Although it’s hard for me to believe I’m THIS much — but honestly, pre-Ella, I was around 135-140. I’m not THAT far off, and I do believe I am ALOT stronger now.  I mean.. c’mon — I had a baby! 😉  Plus, there are many MANY things a scale does not show.  The scale doesn’t show that I LOVE burpees, and bust those puppies out like it’s my job.  The scale doesn’t show that I can do 28 full man-style push-ups in a minute.  The scale doesn’t show that I can run 45 minutes without stopping. 🙂 I’m MomStrong, regardless of what that number reflects.

We end each class with stretching and a little bit of meditation — one of my favorite parts.  It just makes me feel so powerful and ready to conquer my day, as beads of sweat fall off my forehead and face! Really though, it’s awesome!

That’s me — the one in all black!

After the first class, I was TIRED — but motivated! With the class, we are required to log our food intake for the 8 weeks, so I crafted a cute little binder for all my papers.  Felt like I was in school again!

I continued the first week with working out every day — I plan to continue my 21 Day Fix workouts everyday, on top of going to Body Back and Stroller Strides.  One crazyyyy day last week, I convinced my husband to join me in an “extra” workout based on a “Spell Your Name” image, where each letter of your name reflected what workout you had to do.  Holy crap — I did my whole name and Ella’s, and by the end, I was dead.

My eating was okay for the first week, but Sunday was tough — as we went to the farmer’s market and I think I ate my entire weight in kettle corn!  Oh, and that little plain hamburger I had …. eek!

But the point is, I recognized it.  I know where I slipped, and I can only get better and move on up from here.  In fact, this week — I’m back to healthy veggies and LOTS of water.  Oh, and our famous veggie salad. 🙂

So, on top of the workouts and healthy eating — another part of this experience I’ve enjoyed so far was filling out my goals worksheet.  The question was proposed: What are the three most important areas of your life, and are those areas getting the energy and attention they need?  The first two — easy.  Husband and Ella.  And, for the most part — yes, they are getting most of my energy and attention.  The last one hung me up for a while… and ultimately, I decided that my own happiness should be part of that list.  Whatever that may be.. I’m still working on figuring that out — thus the year of GROWTH.   Also, we had to list out three goals for our health in the next 8 weeks, and 3 goals for our health in the next year.  Here are mine:

  • 8 WEEKS:
    • See more overall definition of muscles
    • Drop my mile time to 9 minutes
    • Fit comfortably in some of my old pre-Ella clothes
    • Run another half marathon and begin training for a full
    • Be able to do a handstand push-up and a pull-up
    • Be close to my goal weight (125-130lbs)

I feel like my goals are definitely doable — I’ve even written them out and placed them on the mirror in my bathroom and on the fridge for a reminder.


Overall, it was a great first week of this amazing class.  I’m looking forward to posting more about it as I journey through the next 8 weeks.  Thanks for joining me on this adventure 🙂


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