DIY Thursday? [St. Patrick’s Day Edition!]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!!

So, this week’s DIY Wednesday has been pushed to Thursday, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day!! Woohoo! Prepare yourself — this is a photo-heavy post, full of cuteness courtesy of Miss Ella Grey. 😉

We started our celebration a little early, by creating a cute little toddler activity to work on our colors.  Super simple — I took a piece of construction paper to cut out the black pot, used gold glitter and glue to create the “gold” on top of the pot, and used markers to draw the rainbow lines.

Next, I used Froot Loops cereal to help Ella pick out all of the different colors of the rainbow, and wrote the names of the colors on the lines, for recognition.


Ella LOVED this — it took her a minute to catch on to the lining up all the same colors next to each other on the corresponding line, but once she did, she kept pulling on the colored Froot Loop and saying the name of the color out loud.  Exactly what I was wanting.  Then, we used the remaining cereal pieces to create cereal necklaces — which didn’t last long, as you can see in the pics below. 😉


Next, we made “leprechaun bread” for all of our friends at Stroller Strides and for Dada’s work.  “Leprechaun bread” is essentially just pound cake baked in loaf pans, with a special “peek-a-boo” surprise inside.  I knew I wanted to do the “peek-a-boo” in the shape of a shamrock — however, a shamrock cutter was extremely difficult to find (strange, I know!).  So, instead of hand cutting, we used a make-shift flower shaped cutter. Also, it’s almost against my religion, but we used box mix instead of making the cake from scratch — because, well.. that’s just what I wanted to do. Shame on me, I know — sarcasm intended. 🙂


So, want to make this at home?  You totally should!  It’s super easy!

First, mix all of your ingredients together to make your “peek-a-boo” loaf.  Like I said, I used a box mix for Pound Cake, so I followed the directions on the box, but added in green food coloring to my first batch.  I took a pretty good amount of green to get the green to show up this dark, so keep that in mind when you are mixing in your color.  After the green loaf is mixed, pour the into a loaf pan (make sure it is coated with non-stick spray!) and bake at 350 for about 50 minutes.  Once it comes out, let it cool enough for you to slice it, and then cut the shape you want out of the slices.  Be precise and careful on this part!

Next, mix your ingredients for your non-colored loaf the same way as before, but do not add color into the mix this time.  Once mixed, pour a little bit in your loaf pan to cover the bottom — then carefully add in your cut-out pieces to form a line.  Then, CAREFULLY pour the remaining mix in the pan, covering your cut-out line, bake at 350 for 50 minutes.  Let it cool completely before slicing!

I found these cute tags on Pinterest for our bags, to make them a bit more festive!  Feel free to create your own — or visit this site to download the same ones we used for free!

The “Leprechaun Bread” was a huge hit at Dada’s work, and the little ones enjoyed it at Stroller Strides, too! Our class this morning was a LOT of fun — much thanks to our fit family for a great workout!  The little ones made a St. Patrick’s Day craft, by each one placing their colored handprint on a sheet of paper to create a rainbow of hands (or friends, as we called it).  We wrote in each little one’s name, so we can remember the fun we had!

We have had quite a festive holiday, so far!  We plan to spend the rest of the afternoon going on evening walk and enjoying the sunshine, then wrapping it up with a movie and –maybe, just maybe — a piece of leprechaun bread before bed. 🙂

We hope all of our family and friends have an amazing night and stay SAFE!  We are so lucky to get the opportunity to share our little moments with you, and have you as readers.  signature

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