Body Back: Week Two Recap!

Hi friends!

I swear it seems the weeks are going by SO fast .. Feels like it was just yesterday when I published my post about my first week of Body Back — a new fitness program I’m trying for 8 weeks — and now we are in week three?! Jeez!   Did you miss the first post? No worries — check it out here. 🙂


So, WEEK TWO! Whoop whoop!

Week two started off kinda rocky.  Our “weeks” start on Sunday, but our first BB workout and weigh-in are first thing Monday morning.  For some reason, this week I really struggled with choosing the right fuel for my body — my workouts were on point, but food.. bleh.

Sunday was NOT a good nutrition day for me. We woke up early and decided to take Ella to the Farmers Market downtown — a great idea and a wonderful morning adventure, but I fell victim to savory beef jerky (not a horrible choice) and pretty much ate my weight in KETTLE CORN (definitely not the BEST choice). I love kettle corn.  There are few things in life that give me such pleasure as it’s sweet and salty goodness, especially when it is fresh.  To make matters worse, we chose fast food for lunch.  I generally do not enjoy anything fast food — unless it’s Chipotle 😉  But.. we didn’t go to Chipotle, but rather a cute 50s style joint called Freddy’s.  It was … okay, but the taste of guilt trumped any good taste that may have been in the steak burger I consumed. I felt so gross that I ended up skipping dinner that night to let my tummy rest. Although Momma felt like crap, Ella seemed to enjoy herself 😉

What a face!!!

Due to Sunday’s eating choices, can you guess how Monday morning went?  152.0 lbs.  I gained in my first week of doing this.  Honestly, though.. it was to be expected.  I didn’t let that number cause me to slack on my workout or let it “ruin” my day — but instead used it as motivation to bust-ass  on my workouts all week.

Motivation IT WAS.  Holy cow — I put in some serious work every single day.  From BodyBack workouts to 21DF workouts to daily walks with Ella — I managed to keep up the momentum and do something active everyday last week, sometimes two to three times a day.

Squatting like CHAMPS! 5:45 AM ain’t got nothin’ on us!

Then, Friday, I did something I’ve never done before — yard work!  Due to an intense fear of snakes, I’ve never really been a gardening/yardworking kinda girl.  But, it is the year of GROWTH, so I spent a solid 4 hours working in the blazing FL heat, weeding, planting, and mulching our front flowerbed area. Best part of it all, I managed to burn over 3000 calories that day!  Next step, getting our grass to grow! 😉 (Note: the before picture was BEFORE we moved in.)


All in all, week two was amazing.  Although I had some eating hiccups, I managed to increase my activity levels and overall sharpen my own saw.  Feeling better, feeling stronger, and starting to feel like myself again. <3

The best part of it all?  I’m helping myself become better so I can in turn be an amazing role model for my little girl.  I want her to know that she can do it — she can be strong, she can keep active.  No matter what, no matter who says you can’t, no matter how hard it is or can be.

Hope you all are having a fantastic Tuesday!


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