DIY Wednesday: Classic Cars (Toddler Edition)

Hi friends!

I’m so excited to share this fun and creative project with you guys today!

Lately, we have been experiencing A LOT of rain.  No complaints really — I genuinely love the rain, rainy days with a book and a cup of hot tea are my FAVORITE.  Rainy days with a toddler, however, can get tiring — especially when that particular toddler LOVES being outside, and whines about not being able to go play.  😉  So, a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do…. get creative.

Do you remember your first car?  No, not your 2 door Honda Civic — or in my case, a 1974 Datsun Nissan stationwagon that I cleverly named “Shaggy” with its shag-rug steering wheel cover. Ah, memories.

But no, I’m talking further back.. you know what I mean: cardboard box, invisible steering wheel, wheels made with construction paper.  Your FIRST car.  A car that could take you ANYWHERE — the kitchen, the “store,” the moon.  A car that was big enough for you to fit in, but also fit all of your imaginary friends and several stuffed animals. A car where you didn’t need roads… you made your own.


Oh yes, we made a car.  A car that provided at least an hour of distraction, tons of giggles, an arm workout for Momma, and a beautiful memory that deserves to be written out.

Here’s what you need:

  • Cardboard box — we used an empty diaper box
  • Kraft paper/Wrapping Paper — in the color of your choice
  • Construction Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue and Tape
  • Rope — optional, but you will probably want this


First, you will need to cut off the flaps of the box — you will be using these for the wheels and windshield.  Next, wrap the box with your kraft or wrapping paper — as if you were wrapping a present, but leaving the inside part of the box open (as this is where your little one will be sitting). After that, you can use the flap pieces to cut out 4 circular shapes for the wheels of the car.  Make sure to keep one of the longer flaps, as you will use this for a windshield.


Once all of the pieces are cut, trace the shape of the wheels on black construction paper.  Cut the circles out, and carefully glue onto the cardboard wheels.  When all four wheels are covered, you can then glue each one near the base of the box, but not touching the floor.  Glue two on each side, to resemble the wheels of a car.  Helpers are always appreciated, especially when they think they are Mickey Mouse.

Next, take the long flap piece, and wrap it with white construction paper. Once wrapped, you can glue or tape this piece on the inside of the car on the “front side” of the car.  This should be placed at an angle — as to mimic a windshield.  If glue or tape doesn’t hold this in place, feel free to use a stapler.  Then, HAVE FUN!  Cut up pieces of construction paper to decorate your car as you wish.  We make headlight, brake lights, a grill, and a license plate.

The last step is optional, but recommended.   We added a rope to our car by cutting a smaller hole in the front of the car — we fed it through the hole and knotted it several times to hold.  This will be so you can pull your child around your house. Ella LOVED this — she kept saying “beep beep” and laughing as I pulled her around. 🙂

I hope you try this out — and if you do, leave me a comment below!  We love hearing from you! 🙂

Have a great Wednesday!



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