Tot School — Week One!

Hi everyone!

This week has been wonderful — and one of the best parts of it was the start of Tot School!  Tot School is a dream come true for the “I-love-everything-creative-and-am-Pinterest-crazy” Momma in me, and consists of a small group of Mommas and their littles (all are around 2 years old) engaging twice a week for a few hours to teach fundamentals like colors, shapes, alphabet, textures, animals, etc.  It’s like a “free” preschool, where the teachers are the parents, and the littles get to learn with their new friends in one of their homes.

This week, we learned about colors, which was so much fun!  Our group was small — only Ella Grey and her friend Lilly Belle — and I’m almost positive us Mommas may have had more fun creating the activities than EG and LB had doing them! But, that’s okay!  We are learning — all of us, even the Mommas! 🙂

We started the morning off with a Rainbow Rice Sensory Bin, that the girls LOVED playing in.  You can find many tutorials on Pinterest on how to create dyed rice, but I think I will be posting a special DIY on here, too, for anyone who is interested. The girls really enjoyed running their hands through the rice, and then decided to use toys from LB’s play kitchen to “make lunch.” Their imaginations are amazing.

After we finished up with the sensory bin, we sorted Fruit Loops cereal by color and strung cereal necklaces.  Ella was more interested in playing with Lilly Belle’s toys at this point, and had no interest in sorting colors.  I did manage to get her to play for a few minutes, in which she mostly just ate the cereal — but hey, we’re working on it.  LB was amazing — she picked up the “stringing” part of making her necklace in no time!

After we were sugared up from cereal (and ate some tasty ORANGES and BLUEberries), we painted fish with celery!  The girls weren’t really sure how to “stamp” with the celery at first, and in the end, they just decided to use the celery as a “brush” instead.  When we finished painting, we went outside and drew colored circles on the ground, and tried to get the girls to “JUMP!” on certain colors.  This didn’t really work out the way we planned, but the girls still had fun just jumping around and naming colors that we pointed to.  We’ll need more practice with this activity!

This wrapped up Day One — and we were so happy with the way everything played out!  The girls had fun, the Mommas had fun, and we were SO excited for the next day!

Day Two was just as much fun as Day One, except we only managed to hold the girls attention long enough to do one activity.  They were too excited about playing with toys, and also Raux came with us, so he did magic for LB (which she LOVED).  The activity we did was using Dot Markers to create a dotted rainbow.  LB really enjoyed this activity, Ella stamped for a little bit, but was “too busy” to finish — so I helped… a little. 🙂

We had a great time playing LB’s house — so much so, we fell asleep in the car on the way home!  Later that night, as we were putting away our bath toys, Ella was able to name the correct color of each toy.  My heart exploded — even though their attention spans were short, and they played more than learned on the second day, it’s still sinking in!  They are learning — our schooling is working!

Ella and I have continued to practice colors all week, and she’s getting quicker and quicker with naming the correct color.  Sometimes she mixes up “purple” and “green,” but for the most part, she’s been getting them all right!  Last night, I found a bag of little “pom moms” in our craft cabinet.  Using her bowls, I had her match up the correct pom with the correct bowl.  Raux was so amazed that she was getting most of them right.  All it takes is some practice and big “hoorays!” when she gets it right. 🙂

All in all, Week One of Tot School was a huge success!  We can’t wait until next week.  We were originally thinking of doing “Shapes” next week, but we might continue with colors since two more littles will be joining us.  We’ll let you know how it goes! 🙂

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

PS. Want to see more pictures and read more about our week at Tot School?  Check out my amazing, beautiful, and super talented friend Chelsea!  Her blog is called Growing Up Lanese and definitely worth reading!


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