Body Back: Week Four Recap!

Happy Monday, everyone!

It’s official: I’m at the halfway point in my 8 week journey with Fit4Mom‘s incredible workout program, Body Back! It’s hard to believe 4 weeks have passed, but they have — and I’m so excited to finish STRONG in these remaining 4 weeks!

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Week Four started out a bit different than normal.  There was a bit of frustration and disappointment lingering in the group about having “gains” on the scale this week.  This program is so much more than a “scale” game, so we decided to ditch it this week — and continue to focus on getting strong, healthy, and fit.

Let’s get real for a few minutes, friends:

As I’ve mentioned time and time again, the scale is just a number to me.  It doesn’t define me.  I know I put in the work, I watch what I put in my body (for the most part), and I know I am strong.  I have spent too much time in my life worried about that silly number.  Worrying that I was “too heavy,” or “too fat.”  Worried that I wasn’t fitting in with my friends, worried what others were thinking about me or saying about me. But really, it wasn’t about other people judging me, it was ME judging MYSELF.  And, honestly — I’m just over it.

Am I 100% happy and comfortable with the body I have right now?  No.  But, I’m working on it — and that means so much!  I am confident that one day, probably sooner than I think sometimes, I will be happy with my body. And, you know, this body has been through ALOT.  I mean — this body had a baby.  C’mon..

In reality, I should be proud of how far I’ve come.  In 9 months, I went from weighing around 140-145lbs to weighing 191lbs the week I had Ella. That’s insane!  Now, after I had her, I lingered around the 160-170lbs area for a while — but I wasn’t giving myself the time to focus on my health and fitness. Back in October, after we made the move to Orlando, I was around 157-160lbs.  Last week, I weighed in at 150 lbs.  Sure, it’s not the ideal “130lbs” I’d like to be — but it’s progress.  And I am 100% confident in the fact that my body is probably at its strongest right now — I’m running again, I’m working out with an amazing group of Mommas almost everyday, and I’m making better decisions in the kitchen.

I’ve had people question me when I tell them I weigh around 150lbs — but truth is, I don’t care so much about that fact.  I’d rather be 150lbs and STRONG, than lighter and weak.  The ultimate goal is to be around 130lbs and STRONG — but it takes time, and I know that.  I can’t expect the extra weight to fall off overnight.  I have to put in the work, stop focusing on “the number” and continue to focus on my little wins along the way — whether they are on the scale or not.

I was looking back at old pictures from October — my “before” photos.  And, I looked miserable, sad, tired.  I can barely recognize myself because of the dark looming sad cloud hovering over me.   I was so depressed, stressed, and unhappy — but didn’t really realize it. I was working SO much at my job, I was missing out on valuable family time, and I wasn’t making anytime for myself or my health — which in turn, was also depressing.. as I used to be so active and ran ALL the time. Once we moved here, Raux and I had a LONG talk about me using this amazing opportunity to not work a corporate job to find myself.. and discover what I love to do. What is MY passion? Well, I’m still working on it 😉 But, I can say 100% that I’m so much happier here.

I’m super lucky to (finally!) have time with my little one, I’m making time for ME and getting my body back (hah, get it?), and I’m GROWING! Seeing these pictures made me… sad. But it also made me realize: I may not have lost a lot of weight on the scale, but I’ve lost A LOT of “mentally-taxing-stress” weight in my mind and heart. One day at a time, my friends. One day at a time.



So — back to Body Back 😉

This week’s classes were amazing, as usual. I felt lucky because we had a “make-up” class on Friday of this week too, so it felt like a bonus because of the extra day to workout.  Also, I’ve incorporated a quick 2 mile run into my regime — so every morning after BB, I go for a run directly after, without giving myself anytime time to think or talk myself out of it.  It works, and I’m actually beginning to LOVE those runs almost as much as the BB class itself. Well….. almost. <3

We were also given two challenges this week: a 5 minute plank hold challenge and a challenge to do 100 burpees over the weekend.  I did the 5 minute plank hold challenge twice this week, and held it for the entire 5 minutes each time.  This was AMAZING to me — I remember back in October when I started regularly working out again, holding a plank for 1 minute was hard!  Now I know that I can hold it for 5.  No more excuses, brain!  Instead of spacing out my 100 burpee challenge over the two days of the weekend, I decided (overachiever, I know) to do 100 each day — totaling 200 burpees for the weekend.  They. Were. Hard.  But I did it.

Eating this week was… okay. I did splurge a little have a hamburger mid-week, and it was delicious.  The biggest struggle I had this week was skipping meals.  As I glanced over my log, there were too many empty spaces.  I’ve made a mental note to be more mindful of this for week 5!


Hope everyone has a fantastic week — and check out DIY Wednesday tomorrow!  Here’s a hint: it involves rainbow colors, princess dresses, and an organizational Mom Win!


7 thoughts on “Body Back: Week Four Recap!

  1. I’m so excited for all of your progress. I forgot to tell you this morning but seriously you look amazing! I know it’s not all about the numbers but your hard work shows and pushes me to keep going even when I would rather work than work out 😝.

    • Thanks, girl! You guys all push me, so THANK YOU! 🙂 Seriously, though — we need to hang out — outside of SS, preferably with cocktails. 😉

  2. Good for you! You look great!!
    I keep telling myself I need to start something to make myself feel better… (my boys are 14 months old and I haven’t done ANY exercise yet) so this post really encouraged me. I will start. I want to start something! Thank you!!!

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