DIY Wednesday: Toddler Dress-Up Area

Hi friends — and happy DIY Wednesday!

Today’s DIY was a HUGE #momwin.  Super simple, yet oh-so-relieving!

As Ella has grown, she has acquired a vast amount of “dress-up clothes” — costumes ranging from Anna/Elsa to Minnie Mouse, Mulan to Doc McStuffins and, of course, Tinkerbell.  I had all of these costumes hanging in her normal closet, but they were too high for her to reach — so she would either pull them down, making a huge mess and causing a nervous Momma, or not wear them at all (and where’s the fun in that?!).

After scouring Pinterest for ideas on what to do with her costumes, I found several cute ideas.  Most of the ideas required some sort of physical piece of furniture — and we just don’t have the space in her room for any additional furniture pieces, at least while we still have the changing table (oh potty-training gods, send me a miracle!).  I was striking out.

In sheer desperation, I took all the dresses down from her closet, nicely folded each costume, and placed them gingerly in a bin under her changing table. The folded dresses lasted a whole 5 minutes before she discovered the bin, and threw each one on to the floor — laughing and playing with each one.  Le sigh — those that have two year olds of their own can relate, I’m sure!  So, bins — no go.  After that first day of constant folding and refolding (and refolding.. and refolding…and REFOLDING.  What’s the definition of insanity again?), the dresses just seemed to be stuffed into the bin when cleaning up, and by stuffed, I mean STUFFED.  A hot wrinkled mess.


So, I did what any other organization-loving-hot-mess-living Momma would do: I went to Ikea, with big hopes and dreams of an answer to my “please, dear God, these dresses are driving me insane” prayers. Nothing.  Not a dang thing that would work for our space, solely for the purpose of housing these costumes. That night, after dinner, I was telling Raux about my costume closet woes.  He smiled, took a sip of his drink, and said, “Well, there’s always Command Strips.”  Command Strips are truly a lifesaver, I’ll agree — and they are Raux’s go-to for pretty much anything — so this made me laugh.

“What? You can’t just Command Strip dresses to the wall. You need like a hook or something.” I said, with a slight shake of my head and roll of my eyes. Psh.

He smirked. “Yeah, they make hooks.”  He sipped his beverage again, raised his eyebrows, and gave me a “yeah… yeah… mindblown?” look.

MINDBLOWN.  What a crazy person I’ve been — on the hunt for some crazy organization device, when I can just MAKE IT myself.  And, I totally knew they made Command Strip hooks — I just put them up in my closet to hold my necklaces a few months ago.  OMG. *facepalm*  Oh, that sweet, handsome, GENIUS hubby of mine. 😉

So, the next day, I ventured to Target (insert angels singing here) for my Command Strip HOOKS.  While I was there, I found really cute letters to spell out “dress up” that I would paint to hang above the dresses.  I chose to paint them in rainbow colors — but you can paint them whatever you’d like.  After they dried, I affixed our handy-dandy Command Strips on the back.

I decided to place the hooks and letters behind Ella’s bedroom door.  I had her stand next to the wall, so I could hang them at a good height for her to reach.  Then I used a level to evenly place each of the hooks and letters on the wall.  After I finished, I was in love.  Not only was it EASY, but it was super cute and added more color to her room.

Moments after I hung each dress up, I called Ella in her room to see her new “dress-up area.”  She said “Wow…” and named off the characters of each dress.  Not even 5 minutes later, each dress was in a crumbled mess on the floor — again.  But this time, it didn’t bother me so much.  I knew each dress had a place, and hanging each one up (no matter how many times I have to do it every day) made me smile.


Hope everyone is having a great week so far!  Make sure to check back with us tomorrow — we will be wrapping up week TWO of Tot School.  The photos are really cute, and I can’t wait to share what we did this week! <3


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