Body Back Recap: Week Six!

Six weeks down, 2 to go.



It doesn’t even feel like six weeks.  Six weeks, generally, feels like a long time.  For many people just starting their own fitness journey, hearing words like “six weeks from now..” or “in JUST six weeks..” seems impossible.  Like, “damn.. six weeks? Let me just get through week one!”  But, before you know it, week one flies by.  Week two — a breeze. Three, Four, Five… and then you find yourself sitting here, looking back, and being amazed at how far you’ve come.  How short the time really was.  It flies!  Enjoy the journey, and for goodness sake, DONT. GIVE. UP.

Need to catch-up?  Have no fear!  You can read about this entire process here: ONE  // TWO // THREE // FOUR  //  FIVE

Week Six started off with a BANG! for me.  Considering last week’s weigh in being a gain, I maintained a positive spirit and pushed really hard in Week Five, which reflected on the scale Monday morning.  148.4.  That’s an entire 5lbs lost in a week.  Not too shabby, considering the 3lb gain last week.  Plus, even though the scale isn’t my biggest priority, it was pretty nice seeing the 140s again.  Hello, old friend!


I feel up to this point, my nutrition game has been pretty decent — even with a few cracker binges here and there.  This week, however — not so good.  Pizza, cookies, and Chinese food — oh my!  My food choices could have definitely been better, and I paid the price of terrible eating with a few awful tummy aches.

But, since I strive to make my negatives into positives, I learned some pretty good lessons about my food choices due to the not-so-good decisions I made this week:

  • Lesson One: Be Prepared.  I’m fully aware that I’m in control of my decisions, especially those decisions that come to what I put into my body.  This week, I was bogged down with a full to-do list, and was too eager to cross things off my list, that I became … dare I say it, lazy with my food preparedness.  I didn’t go to the grocery store.  I didn’t plan my meals.  I fell into the old habit of “I’m too tired” or “too busy” to cook, so let’s order in.  At least when we lived in Jacksonville and fell victim to this vicious cycle, we had a variety of places to choose from, and within those places I could choose a “healthier” option.  Nope.  Not here.  We have pizza or Chinese food.  And we had BOTH.  If I would’ve just taken a few minutes to focus on what I was going to eat this week, I could have been better prepared when the hunger bug struck and I was left with a growling tummy in the middle of itemizing receipts. (Yep, tax season!)
  • Lesson Two: I just don’t like those foods anymore!  Let’s get real — Pizza is delicious.  Chinese Food is usually pretty tasty, too.  But in all actuality, I didn’t fully enjoy it this time.  Maybe it was guilt.  Maybe it was just sheer change in taste.  Maybe it was a bad order.  Who knows?  But what I do know is, after eating those meals, I felt gross.  I felt tired. I didn’t feel how I wished I would have. Does that mean I won’t ever have pizza or Chinese again? Probably not, but at least next time I’ll try to remember how I felt after eating this time.
  • Lesson Three: My body has changed.  Seriously.  I used to be able to eat like 4 slices of a large pizza, then maybe an hour later, have another slice.  Pepperoni: all day, everyday.  Not anymore.  We ordered a medium pizza and two slices was ENOUGH.  I bagged up the rest and left it for Raux when he got home, and didn’t even think twice about it.
  • Lesson Four: Moderation.  Even though my body pretty much hated me after eating those meals and I did feel a teensy bit guilty — the guilt is garbage.  I work hard, I’m strong, and one “bad” meal isn’t going to kill that fact.  I don’t eat like that ALL the time, so every now and then, it’s okay to give yourself a treat.  Moderation is key.

Although nutrition was a bit off this week, I feel like I killed it with my workouts.  Our Body Back sessions were awesome,  I ran 4 out of the 7 days, and challenged my workout buddy to an awesome “playground workout.”

Raux and I have always been huge advocates for bodyweight, HIIT workouts — especially those where you can utilize your own surroundings, rather than using a gym.  When we lived in Jacksonville (and our Jax friends will remember this well!), we lived down the street from a very large staircase.  A few times a week, we would run to the stairs, do some sort of workout (usually a countdown-style with push-ups, squats, frog jumps, planks, sit-ups), and then run the stairs. Over and OVER again.  It was awesome.

A few days ago, my dear friend (and workout buddy) Kaitlyn posted an article on my FB page that featured a photo of a woman who had an amazingly defined back/arms/shoulders.  I told the Mommas in our group — the only way we will really get a back like that, PULL-UPS.  Dun dun dunnnn.  Yep, you heard me. Pull. Ups.

So, I challenged the Mommas to join me at a local park playground for a bonus workout.  The rain (and lack of sleep) kept some of the mommas away, but I was super excited that my “swole”mate K joined me.

Our routine consisted of the following:

  • using a curb for plank walks and fast step-up/curb toe-touches
  • using benches for step-ups with a leg raise, inclined push-ups, and dips
  • using the designs on the ground of the playground as markers for walking lunges
  • plank arm touches into a push-up
  • burpees
  • using the monkey bars for pull-ups, full body hangs, and crunches

We were WORN OUT by the time we finished, but man.. what a great workout!  Neither of us could do a full pull-up, but we kept trying.  We also did a full body hang hold for a full minute — and that’s a LONG time when your muscles aren’t used to being worked that way!  Oh, and of course, doing the monkey bars like a child would, which was surprisingly difficult now that we are adults.

After we finished the workout, I walked K over to a different playground in the park to show her my semi-ninja warrior-esque obstacle course.  It is essentially just regular playground equipment, but I added a challenge of having to get from one side of the playground to the other, without letting your feet touch the ground.  I’ve done this before, but have failed in the final “leap” to the slide:  it’s about an 8ft gap between a cargo rope and ladder to the slide, and the only thing you have to hold onto is a 6″ wide bar that is about 10ft in the air.  I can successfully say, after about 10 minutes of being a chicken, I crossed it for the first time that day.  And, I can’t remember ever feeling so strong.

As we are getting closer and closer to the end of this session of BB, my heart is kinda… sad!  I’m so thankful for the push this class has given me, the connections and new friends I’ve made, and the reminder that I can do anything I put my mind to.  The reminder that I’m worth it.  The reminder that my body is an incredible vessel to carry me through this journey of life — and vessels need maintenance, attention, and tender loving care.

I’ve finally “gotten” it.  I’m finally listening.

And, man.. it feels so good.


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