DIY Wednesday: Engagements, Chalk Paint, and HOCKEY!

Happy Wednesday, friends!!

Today’s DIY Wednesday was a super fun project inspired by a great friend who wanted to make a special gift for her recently engaged bestie.

She wanted to make a “Countdown to the Wedding” canvas, with a chalkboard heart where the bride-to-be can write how many days are left. The two friends are HUGE hockey fans, specifically for the New York Rangers — so what better than to create a hockey-themed “Countdown Until We FACE-OFF!” print!

When my friend brought this idea to me, I was stoked!  I love doing anything crafty, and any excuse to bust out the paintbrushes — I’m down!  So, last week, prior to Tot School, she came over and we got to work!

First, we gather the supplies.  I managed to find square canvases on sale at Michaels a few weeks ago — got 7 canvases for $12, with 40%. SCORE! I already had the red and blue paint, and my friend brought painter’s tape, black chalk paint, and a silver paint marker.


We wanted the canvas to have thick red and white stripes, with two blue thinner lines in between.  I used a measuring tape and ruler to create clean lines, then we taped over the areas that needed to stay white.  Also, I cut out a stencil heart, that we would then fill with chalk paint, so the bride to be can use chalk to countdown the days. We traced the heart in the top left corner, and then taped out the heart, too.

After the lines and hearts were taped out, it was time to paint!  We painted several coats for both the red and blue lines, just so they popped against the white.  LET THE PAINT DRY COMPLETELY BEFORE REMOVING THE PAINTER’S TAPE!  And, be careful when removing it.. sometimes it likes to tear off the paint from the canvas, which can luckily be fixed. 🙂


After removing the tape, we painted the chalk paint in the area that was taped out for the heart.  This paint was very thick, and actually only needed one (good) coat.  Again, let it dry completely!

We used a silver paint pen to write out the words.  Since they LOVE hockey, we thought it was cute to incorporate that theme into the wording, thus us choosing to write “days until we face-off.”  We hesitated at first, thinking it may sound a bit combative — but in the end, we felt it fit the couple most and they would appreciate the hockey reference. The silver paint pen needed several coats, so be patient!  I then traced out the wording with a black Sharpie marker to make it POP.


And, that’s it!  Super easy, cute, and the bride-to-be was SO happy.

Are you going to try something similar to this at home? Let me know!  I’d love to see what you create! 🙂 Email me, check out my page on Facebook, or drop me some love in the comments below!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic week, so far!


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