Body Back: Week Seven Recap!

Seven down.  ONE MORE TO GO!

Week seven is complete — and I still can’t believe that as I’m writing this, our classes are one away from being DONE.  Where has the time gone?

I’m finding myself reflecting back to day one and focusing on the journey from that first step to now.  How much has changed?  How do I feel?  Of course, I won’t be answering those questions yet — that tale is being saved for next week 😉  Stay tuned!

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Week Seven — whoa!  This week was an attempt to get back on the healthy-eating train.  Last week, we fell off a bit and indulged in all sorts of yummy, but not so yummy for the waistline treats.  So this week, I planned to get back to basics: veggies salads, eating breakfast, and celery/hummus lunches!

Overall, I managed to do pretty awesome this week — I ate breakfast 4/7 days, and my dinners mostly were a mix of veggie salad, quinoa salad, and one night of cheese ravioli with steamed broccoli.  My celery/hummus addiction was back in full force, and I found myself on several occasions making a “special treat”plate: celery, hummus, sliced apples, 4 slices of pepper jack cheese, and a pickle.  I could seriously eat this plate all day, everyday.

Workouts were actually a bit of a struggle this week, in comparison to weeks past.  Monday and Wednesday were Body Back classes, which I followed up with a 2 mile run, with intermittent sprints (which felt amazing!).  Tuesday was our Stroller Strides class, which was incredible this week — I really felt it!  After SS, K and I practiced our pull-ups on the playground swings while Quinn and Ella played.  I’m confident that we will be able to do at least one by the end of the summer — if not sooner!

I did an at-home workout pretty much everyday, but nothing too crazy.  Mostly just working on my core, push-ups, and dips.  Friday, another good friend and I did a pretty intense running workout, where we incorporated sprints and random workouts along the way of our 2 mile loop (i.e. using a bench to do push-ups, using a curb to do step-ups, etc.).  This workout was killer, probably the best one I had all week!

Then, Saturday came — we watched sweet Quinn for most of the day, but by mid-afternoon, I was feeling a bit tired. Rundown.  I went to bed a little early that night, only to find myself waking up Sunday morning feeling like garbage.  Head  cold? Allergies?  Who knows!  All I do know is, other than getting in a walk in the evening with Ella, and doing a quick workout by the lake on Sunday, I was BEAT.  Perhaps it was my body’s way of telling me I needed to rest.  So REST I did.

Friends, I can’t wait to tell you about week eight.  Week EIGHT!! Holy cow!  It’s here!  We will be taking measurements and doing our physical assessment too — it will be so interesting to see how far everyone in our group has come in such a short time!

But, at the end of the day, no matter what comes out of the assessment — I know 100% that this program is incredible and I feel SO much better.  I may not have my “dream” body yet — but I’m on my way!  I know that this program has reenergized my love for HIIT workouts, and I know that even when we close the book on this session, I will be continuing on my own — and with anyone else I can sucker into working out with me 😉


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