DIY Wednesday: Toddler Shape Match Game!

Hi friends — and HAPPY DIY WEDNESDAY!!

This week, I have a fun and EASY (and educational!) DIY for you to try: a Toddler Shape Match Game!

DIY ToddlerShape Match Game!

We’ve been “tot school” crazy in our house lately, and I can’t seem to get enough of finding new ways to help Ella learn her colors, shapes, alphabet, and numbers!  One of the activities I made to help her with colors and shapes was a “Shape Match Game” from popsicle sticks, a pen, and markers!


This one doesn’t have much of a tutorial or instructions.  Simply draw out your shape over two popsicle sticks that are side by side.  Try to make sure the shape is centered when you draw, so half will be on one popsicle stick and half on the other stick.  I used different colors for these, to also test Ella’s colors, but you can use just one color if you choose.  I then wrote the name of each shape on the bottom half of the stick, so this activity can be used for word recognition when she gets a little older.


And, yes.. one of our shapes is Mickey Mouse. 🙂

She loves it, and it keeps her busy for a good 5-10 minutes as she puts all of the shapes together.  Plus, she just beams when she gets a big “HOORAY” when she gets it right!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic week so far!!


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