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Hi, my name is Ashley! 
We all fill many roles in our lives, and wear different hats — my roles include being a mom to the most beautiful and creative little girl, Ella Grey.  She is my life, my love — everything I do is geared toward making her little life the best possible.  When I’m not playing “Momma” to Ella Grey,  I own and operate a fitness/wellness company in Celebration, FL — that focuses on pre and postnatal fitness for moms of all ages, in every stage of motherhood. My ultimate goal is to help raise healthy moms, who will in turn, raise healthy families, for an even healthier world.
Fitness is a huge part of my life — when I’m not teaching my moms, you will usually find me hitting the pavement with a long run or living the “#hiitlife” in my garage gym — cleverly named “The Garage.”  I love being active and trying new things — and will occasionally post random pictures of me doing some sort of workout move in beautiful places.
I love to cook/bake delicious dishes and recipes that I don’t mind sharing with others. In my spare time, I write, design, photograph, sketch, scrap, and dabble in almost anything “creatively” based. I enjoy discovering new people/places/things to do, traveling, and living life to the fullest.  I’m a “sunshine and rainbows” kinda girl, full of energy and optimism, always trying to find the good in every situation.
A few of my favorite things: balloons, New York City, Mango Black Tea Lemonade, fresh flowers, Eternal Sunshine, Billy/Glen/Damien, #whodatnation, picnics, fall sunsets, and burpees. Lots and lots of burpees.
My blog is a collaboration of things I love. It will mainly focus on my life, family, and being a mom. But, I may post recipes and photos of new creations I’ve made. I may talk about the different eating plans and workouts I’m doing. Who knows, maybe I’ll post movie reviews, my “song” of the week, “top ten lists,” and freebies! Regardless of what it is, it is my own little piece of the universe that I want to share with those I love.
Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to email me any questions: ashleyfromscratch@gmail.com.
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