Whole 30: Week Two Meal Plan

Happy Monday, friends!

I hope everyone had a lovely Mother’s Day — I spent the day relaxing and enjoying some snuggles with my sweet Ella, and my amazing husband surprised me by putting together the new pull-up/dip bar in the garage!  He knows the way to my heart, for sure! 😉

So, last week I started Whole 30 — and because I’m completely transparent with you all, I’ll tell you — it wasn’t that difficult in the beginning of the week, but I caved into a few treats over the weekend.  Now, I could name off a list of excuses — but I won’t.  Truth is, it’s a mental thing that I need to work on, and even though I have all the control — I let a craving get the best of me.  I’m better than that, and I’m worth more than that — so here’s to week two (or.. week one redux?), feeling more fired up and determined!

Meals last week were AWESOME.  I tried some new things, including making a delicious steak salad that I ended up making again last night for Mother’s Day, because it was that DANG good. 🙂  I also tried Turkey Meatballs for the first time, which were tasty!  I didn’t get to make the Zucchini Taco Boats last week, so I will be making them this week instead. I’ve made a mental note to take pictures of the dinners I make to recap for next week.  The only real picture I got last week was of my turkey meatballs — which were delicious, but I wish I had more pics to share with you!


Workouts were also really good last week, although I took TWO rest days (whaaaattt)!  So unlike me!  But, they were amazing and NEEDED — I’ve been working really hard for the past few months, so I don’t feel too guilty for needing to relax.

This week, it’s back to the grindstone!  On top of the planned meals, I’ve scheduled three run days with the girls, plus going to Body Back and Stroller Strides.  I’m also yearning to break in the pull-up bar, so I’m sure I’ll be in there at least 3 times this week too!

Here’s the meal plan for week two:

Whole 30

The only meal that isn’t 100% Whole 30 on this week’s plan is the Mediterranean Bean Salad (no Beans on Whole 30!).  To make it Whole 30, I’m incorporating GREEN BEANS (which are Whole 30 approved!) instead of the traditional limas.  It will essentially be like the Veggie Salad I already make and love, except without the extra veggies and I may throw some chicken on there for fun! 😉 Also, the Chicken Curry will be made with Whole 30 compliant Coconut Milk.

Breakfasts this week will continue to include lots and lots of EGGS (I’m on an egg kick lately!).  Snacks will continue to be a variety of fruit, veggie strips, and almonds — but I noticed last week that I was better when I prepped them in advance.  So, this week, I plan to cut up some fruit for grab-and-go, and bag up some veggies — this way, NO EXCUSES!  Also, last week I assumed I’d make extra of each dinner so I could have these dishes for lunch too, but I didn’t.  I’m going to do that this week, as well as incorporate some boiled eggs, celery sticks and almond butter, and quick salads to the mix.

I will say, I did pretty good with eliminating the sugar, as well as not eating past 9PM.  This surprised me — and I’m going to continue doing this this week, as well! 🙂

Let’s have a kick-ass week, friends!


Whole 30: Week One Meal Plan

Happy Monday, friends!

As part of my month of Health and Wellness (and mentioned in my previous post here), I will be aiming to complete my first Whole 30 this month!  This is super exciting for me — I’ve always wanted to give Whole 30 a shot, and I’m looking to really hone in on my eating habits and practice a bit more mindfulness when it comes to the foods I put in my body.

In order to be successful, I’m going to plan out my meals each week, and will be posting those meal plans here!  At the end of the week and beginning of the next week, I will do a recap post of how it went, with pics and recipes of the delicious meals I prepare.

So, let’s get started!

Here is Week One’s Meal Plan:

Whole 30_ Week One

My breakfasts are going to remain pretty consistent throughout the week: eggs, eggs, and more eggs! 🙂  Also, I’m planning to make extra of dinner each night so I will have leftovers for lunch!  Snacks will consist of almonds, vegetable strips (celery, peppers, carrots, cucumber), and olives/pickles.  Also, my goal is to not eat after 9PM.

I’m very excited to try out some new dishes this week, and look forward to sharing them with you!

Do you have any Whole 30 approved dinner ideas?  I’d love to hear them!  Leave me a comment below or let’s connect on Facebook!